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Music Theory Basics for Songwriters

Learn Music Theory easily and for free!


How can I access the course?

As you submit your email address, you will be automatically redirected to the course webpage.

Do I need to play an instrument to take the course?

Absolutely not. I'll guide you through the topics and the listening exercises.

I want to access the course, but I don't want to receive spam!

I feel you! But don't worry, I won't pester you with daily emails full of fluff. Here's what you are going to receive by subscribing to my newsletter:

- a welcome email with the link to access the course (so you can get back to it anytime)

- a monthly newsletter with articles and videos about songwriting and other music-related topics

Can I unsubscribe, if I get tired of your emails?

Sure! You will see an "unsubscribe" button at the end of each email received from me.

How can I access your other work?

Follow the button down here to get to the home page of my website.

You'll find plenty of information about me there!

Or click here to find out more about my latest project, The Listeners' Club.

You can also join my live performances on Twitch three times a week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Other questions? Send them over!

What's in the course?

​- Seven video lessons covering some of the basics of Music Theory (notation, intervals, scales, chords,...)

- All the slides and the worksheets in PDF format

- An Ear Training module


Start learning!

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