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Nicole Stella, singer, microphone

Independently produced and released, Something To Say crosses the border of folk and acoustic music, to offer a variegate tracklist, where pop-rock tunes, intimate ballads, folksongs, blues, and electro-rock experiments all sit together. With this album, you can dive into reflective atmospheres or dance to the grit of rock'n'roll. You can find the escapologist Houdini as a symbol of freedom, or the story of Salinger's Glass Family in the dark mood of A Letter. You can find a little rest from the need of always having Something To Say, or a soothing melody for hard times in Dead End. And way more...


"It was nice to hear the way the classic rock feel combined with the folk stylings. No matter the style, the artist's voice was always the start of the show." (April H., Divide And Conquer music blog)

Nicole Stella, Something To Say, album cover, cover art, smile

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