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May 2021

This month's content

A message from me

A Song in the Day: music history pills

May Secret Song: Eunice (demo)

How I Wrote Eunice

May Secret Poem: Sea (and another "secret song"!)

Extra gift: Roads

A Message from Me

Welcome to the Listeners' Club!
Thank you so much for being part of this new project!

This month, I am sharing with you a home-recorded demo version of ​Eunice, my personal tribute to Nina Simone.


As usual, you will also find a video about the songwriting process behind the tune, with a tutorial for both guitarists AND pianists!
I have also shared a new poem, a new instrumental, and...another song!

​ Roads​​ was originally shared as part of my very first Secret EP (in 2018). It's about the loss of a dear friend and my own grieving process.
Here's a new version of the song, recorded just for the Club.




P.S.: keep an eye on your email and/or on the members-only posts on BuyMeACoffee for all the updates about our monthly hangout!

A Song in the Day


Listen to my favorite tracks with me (and find out more about their story!).

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If you have issues logging in, click on the instructions down here or get in touch with me.

Eunice (Demo)


A little technical note: by clicking on the image above you'll be directed to my Soundcloud profile. On Soundcloud, you should be able to stream the track at your leisure (even offline). You can also download it, but you will need a Soundcloud profile for that (sorry...). If you don't have a Soundcloud profile and you don't want one, write me an email (info@nicolestella.com) and I'll send you an MP3. 

How I Wrote Eunice


This is a very old haiku. I think I wrote it in my teenage years. The original version is in Italian, but I easily adapted it into English. The other way around is usually more challenging because Italian has longer words and the haiku form is very strict on the number of syllables to use. Hope you enjoy this!



Photo by Micah Boerma, from pexels.com 


I am experimenting with different ways to deliver the audio files to you (using the platforms I know and the functionalities allowed by my website provider).

To download this track, click on the arrow up here.


You should instantly download a .zip file containing the song in mp3 format and a lyric sheet.

Let me know if you have any technical difficulties!




​See you next month for some more music & words!

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