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2021-02-15 10:52

Nicole Stella

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I decided to follow the steps of other musicians, such as Amanda Palmer. These pioneers reached real independence through the direct support of their listeners.




The Listeners' Club Is Officially Open!



Today is a very special day for me.

Today I am finally sharing a project I've been working on for months. A project that has been on the back of my mind for years.

I never had the courage to give it a chance. I kept thinking I wasn't ready for that. My fanbase was too little. My technical abilities were too low. You get it: imposter syndrome at its best!

I must confess, the fears are not gone forever.

What if nobody subscribes? What if I left a broken link somewhere? What if the songs are not good enough?

But today I am willing to take the risk. Here's my new creature: the Listeners' Club.

What is the Listeners' Club?


I'll explain it in a second. First, let me tell you something more about the reasons behind this idea.


As you might know, the music industry has been struggling for years. Since the dawn of the Internet, the way artists produce music and make a living has radically changed. A lot of them showed some resistance to this change (even I did, in the past).

But, let's look closer at how this new way works. The concept behind it is actually quite beautiful. I'm talking about communities.

The creation and the consumption of art are now, more than ever, a two-way road. I learned this lesson by performing on Twitch and other online platforms. During online performances, you get instant, direct feedback from the listeners. This feedback can become the chance to develop new ideas, create something new, and improve.

But the question everyone asks is: how can musicians make a living today? With concerts (whenever they will be allowed again)? With digital streaming platforms? With merch sales?


The reality is that small artists like me must count on their most loyal listeners, their community, to make a living.


So, I decided to follow the steps of other musicians and artists, such as Amanda Palmer. These pioneers reached real independence from the complicated and commercial mechanisms of the music industry through the direct support of their listeners. In exchange, they transformed their perspective and the way they created art.

They challenged the standards of the industry and started creating exclusive content for their listeners. They invited their fans to take part in their creative process, welcoming suggestions, ideas, and way more.


This is what I'd like to create with the Listeners' Club: a virtual space where I'll be sharing my creative experiments while listening to your say.


Your subscription to my Listeners' Club will also represent my final chance to make a living out of music. A chance to spend my time (finally) writing and recording songs or performing, rather than looking for opportunities or contacts to be "discovered".


Meanwhile, it will give you some new songs, that have no ambition to become popular, but that simply want to be heard, with the right amount of attention. An alternative to the huge ocean of content we drown in day by day.

You can subscribe to The Listeners' Club now through my BuyMeACoffee page. If you want to have a chance to get one month's access for free, register for the giveaway I am doing next week!

In any case, thank you from the bottom of my heart and...rock on!


For more information and terms, visit the FAQs.

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